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VEDA had a great opportunity to visit and conduct detailed legal compliance audits & Trainings (Legal Compliance Management, Contract Management System, Risk Management & Internal control evaluation) around 2750 units and different Industries (India and overseas) like Metallurgical industries, Corporate Hospitals, Sugar Industry, Construction Industries, Steel Industry, Cement Industry, Power Generation Company, Watch Manufacturing units, Jewellery Units, Mines (Bauxite, aluminium, limestone, copper, Coal and Zinc), Software companies, BPO, Bearing Manufacturing industry, Hydraulic Cylinders Manufacturing industry , Oil, Soap Manufacturing industry, Chemical, Banking Institutions, Insurance companies, Engineering industries, Auto mobile industries, Casting foundries and alloys industries, Ports, Food Industries, Pharmaceutical and Textile Industries etc.
Creating a database of all applicable laws (Safety, Health, Environment, Labour, Industrial, FEMA, Taxation (Direct & Indirect) commercial, local and SEZ ) Laws, IPR Law, and Company Law & Laws pertaining to Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Insurance and Telecom industries that enabled companies to adhere to Corporate Governance norms pertaining to statutory compliances.
Identified compliances relating to industry specific laws such as Insurance Laws, Drug Laws, Food Laws, Telecom Laws, Sugar Laws, Textile Laws and FEMA Laws for companies engaged in the related industry and suggested Risk Mitigation measures whenever non-adherence was pointed out in order to ensure that companies are statutorily compliant.
Implementing compliance system for various legislations like Labour Laws, Environment and Health and safety Laws, and other industrial laws to various industries like Engineering Industries, food process industries, Corporate Hospitals, Educational Institutes, Software Industries, BPO’s and Cement Industries on a regular basis it include maintaining register, records, filing returns, creating documents and Licensing with statutory authority for getting approvals, permits and licences.

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